With The Sun In My Eyes #9 – adios San Miguel

As I prepare to leave San Miguel and Mexico I am torn by a deep sadness at parting from the friendly people, the colours, the eternal spring sunlight and warmth, the daily and nightly wonders and surprises, and the joyful celebration of life in this city that have all become so much a part of me. Torn, because I am also excited to return to my family and friends, the fresh ocean air, cherry tree blossoms and daffodils of a Vancouver spring, not to mention a new chapter of my life. But eh, that is the soul and essence of travel! San Miguel De Allende has a very big heart and will live in my heart as I say adios. But I will return next year with refreshed understanding that we can find heart in any and every town, city and country if we remain open, loving and accepting of all of our differences as human beings in our world.
For my final posting from Mexico I offer some last windows on San Miguel, a small collection of photos that are my farewell images of a place I have grown to love.











7 thoughts on “With The Sun In My Eyes #9 – adios San Miguel

  1. I love San Miguel. I went to preschool there. It is a magical place. I enjoy it every time I go and hate to leave. Your photos are beautiful. Maybe we will bump into each other on the streets there some day šŸ™‚ Glad you had a wonderful time !


  2. Just went through all of your San Miguel posts- beautiful job! The photos are stunning (had to pause particularly on the leopard headdress). Welcome back to the wet coast!


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