With The Sun In My Eyes #7 – the sidewalks of San Miguel, Mexico

I have shared the visual wonders of San Miguel’s doors and walls but here’s another treat of colour and texture. The sidewalks here are tricky to navigate, narrow, ancient and full of surprises that can trip or turn an ankle. Walking the sidewalks of San Miguel is a daily exercise in relaxed observation and in-the-moment awareness, but the reward for one’s ocular attention is a feast for the eyes. The sidewalks are made up of paving stones that are pitted and polished by years of use and contain subtle colourings. I’m sorry that I can’t inform all of you rock hounds and geologists out there what these stones are but I see them with the eyes of a painter. What the locals must think of this crazy gringo on his knees photographing the sidewalk or taking pictures of walls and door knockers I will never know, but I am happy to have the opportunity to share these paintings in stone and wood with you.











2 thoughts on “With The Sun In My Eyes #7 – the sidewalks of San Miguel, Mexico

  1. LOL…Gringo fascinated with our sidewalks! I love you noticed the sidewalks…so much more to look at and observe than our productive cheap asphalt…only a painter or artist would notice the such sidewalks….thanks for the photos.


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