Christmas Clown

Reflected in mirrors of jeweled sidewalks, a Christmas rainbow rings this wet green city, blessing the day. This morning I heard Spring playing hide and seek under garden puddles. Tonight I sat by the ocean in the rain singing carols to ducks and waves (the great mystery is really no mystery at all). The sky was so still I felt my breath would shift the clouds. I danced the ragged edge of the winter sea with kelp in my hair – singing… What is my real name? I’ve forgotten my lines. No blame – to be a dancing clown with love in my heart. No blame – to begin again – an amoeba in the eye of God, washed to the ocean on a Christmas rain.

(Photo and poem by Clinock)

3 thoughts on “Christmas Clown

    1. Thank you everyone for your sensitive comments and likes. Nature is an ever-present friend in and around Vancouver and there are always puddles during our west coast winters to splash and reflect in. Spring bulbs are already showing their green heads amongst the brown piles of autumn leaves and there are fat buds of promise on many trees. Everything is dripping green, green, green…


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