my top 10 fears and frustrations with making art

At this moment in time these are my top 10 fears and frustrations with making art. Below my list I have included the lists of 2 of my friends. If you feel so inclined why not share your list with me and my readers.

1. Why am I having fears and frustrations about making art – why can’t I just create in the same way my cat just cats?

2. Does all this art making contribute anything worthwhile to my community? Perhaps my time could be better used helping out?

3. After visiting galleries, real or virtual, I am often left feeling, “What’s the point?” – “Why did I ever think I could paint, draw, etc?”

4. After tripping over my easel for the fifth time, constantly having to move canvases and drawings to get to everything domestic, never being able to find anything, always working in a dark cave and really, really wanting to work BIG – I dream of living in a large, open space filled with light.

5. When will I be able trust my own judgement about any particular work without wishing that I could show it to an art school instructor?

6. Why can’t I just finish this damn thing and move on? It’s driving me crazy!

7. Why can’t I believe them when friends say, “I really like your work?”

8. Was I sober when I made this?

9. Should the idea of selling my work be exiled to some dark corner of my consciousness?

10. Ideas, like too many stray cats, prowl through my head. I feed them and still they yowl – I have no more shoes to throw!

Guy’s List:

(1) What color should I use?
(2) I ran out of that color, can I remix and match?
(3) What if the approach fails, will I have the energy to restart or will it become a missed opportunity?
(4) I am so inspired to start, but I can’t due to other obligations.
(5) Where am I going with my Art? I have the desire and the passion but no vision beyond the doing. Do I need one?  I should have one?……
(6) Am I going to get better at this? I have a vision but I can’t seem to execute it.
(7) I think it is good but I can’t explain why? I think it is bad and I can’t explain why?
(8) What if I run out of ideas?
(9) Was I drinking when I did this?
(10) Its the paint brush’s fault, when all else fails, blame the equipment.

Kathryn’s List:

  1. Why do I think this is a good idea?
  2. I am proud to be working on recycled surfaces, but it can be a bit distracting in the final piece.
  3. Am I going to get cancer wearing this acrylic all over my hands. Why can’t I use a brush dammit…
  4. This doesn’t look as good as…
  5. Where the heck am I going to store this?
  6. Would anyone buy this? Would I want them to?
  7. Am I going to get my security deposit back with all this paint on the floor?
  8. Why do frames have to cost so much?
  9. I still pour so much paint down the drain. There has to be a better way to dispose of this.
  10. Goddam light source. I forgot to define it again.

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